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GOES empowers you to navigate the outdoors safely

GOES provides essential wilderness medical knowledge and support to help you safely navigate unexpected situations as we all live, recreate and work in nature.

As your safety companion to the outdoors, GOES equips you with the foundation you need to embrace the unknown, no matter how remote you are. 


GOES provides real-time weather updates, natural disaster alerts, and location-based health risks, helping you prepare for any environment and terrain.

Assess & Decide

In those unexpected moments when you’re off the grid, GOES empowers you to navigate the outdoors confidently. Our self-guided protocols and how-to-guides ensure that you know what to do for yourself and others, no matter the situation.

24/7 Medical Support

When you have a signal, GOES+ connects you with our team of wilderness medicine doctors, available 24/7 via call or chat.

*Satellite phone, cell reception and data or wifi access required.

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Elevate your experience with essential wilderness medicine knowledge and support.