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At GOES, we understand runners.

Our founder, Dr. Grant Lipman, is an ultramarathon runner himself and was the medical director of several ultramarathon expeditions around the world.

Build brand credibility by prioritizing safety through demonstrating a commitment to valuing your participants’ well-being.

Give your runners the knowledge, skills, and essential tools they need for effective preparation and prevention, ensuring readiness and reducing injury.

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Blisters, cuts, sprains, and strains. GOES does it all.


of regular runners get injured each year from muscle overuse

3 million

runners suffer from ankle sprains in the US each year

1 in 5

trail runners sustain an injury in the 12 months leading up to a race

No service? No problem. We've got you​

GOES’ wilderness medicine library was designed and built to work entirely offline, no matter how remote your race might be.

Give your racers the knowledge to prevent and manage over 60+ common outdoor injuries and illnesses, from blisters and sprains, to heat illness, high altitude illness, and more.

Know what to pack before a run

Whether training at home or preparing for a race, participants can use GOES to search any location in the U.S. to prepare for unexpected weather, natural disasters, and learn about relevant health risks.

Up to 4 days in advance, racers can scroll through the hourly forecast to plan for any exposure to heat illness, hypothermia, high altitude, lightning, or sun burn risks, based on their location.

Give them the necessary tools to plan more effectively ahead of a run.

Immediate medical support​

If you’re a race organizer that lacks onsite medical staff or are simply seeking additional support, then GOES+ is a solution for you.

Call our team of wilderness medicine doctors to help you make a more informed decision anytime, anywhere.