Essential medical knowledge and support to help your team safely navigate unexpected situations, no matter how remote they may be


Introducing GOES: The ultimate solution tailored for companies with lone workers.

In the face of challenging work environments, GOES equips each person with the foundation they need to keep themselves safe and navigate unexpected situations with confidence. Even without cellular reception, all content, self-guided medical protocols, and how-to guides are pre-downloaded and always accessible, no matter how remote you are.

Give each person on your team the right tools to make informed decisions when the unexpected happens, even if they are alone and out of service.

Empowering Workers With The Right Tools

Making Life Easier For Management

Library of definitive wilderness best practices

Learn & Plan

  • Access location-based health risks with medically validated prevention tips and receive natural disaster alerts, helping you to prepare for any environment and terrain. 
  • Search the Wilderness Medicine Library, a comprehensive guide curated by top wilderness medical doctors, offering life-saving, easy-to-understand content.
  • Be informed while off-grid to minimize risks and prevent injury or illness from taking place.

Self-guided protocols available off-grid

Assess & Decide

  • Use evidence-based best practices and self-guided decision-making protocols to navigate the unexpected, even without cell service.

  • Assessments and detailed how-to guides help manage your injuries and illnesses.

  • Help yourself and others get to safety and make the most informed and best decision for you, to stay or go.

Peace of mind

24/7 Medical Support

  • Direct access to the top wilderness medical doctors specialized in providing support for outdoor settings. 

  • Get expert wilderness medical support, wherever you go. 24/7 support via chat or call (by cell or satellite phone).

  • Gain peace of mind for you and your loved ones and explore with confidence.

With GOES, you have peace of mind
in the palm of your hand

Medicine Library 


Access to world-class
wilderness medicine doctors