Bring home only the best memories. We’ll help you prepare for what lies ahead and guide you through the unexpected.

GOES: Your family’s essential safety companion.

When you share your love of the outdoors with your family, you want them to feel that same awe and excitement. GOES delivers reliable info you can actively use to protect your family’s health and safety so you can focus on fun. 

Best laid plans are great, but Mother Nature sometimes has her own ideas. With our pinpointed location search you’ll unlock accurate weather forecasts, natural disaster alerts, health warnings, and accompanying health tips. 

When the unexpected happens, lean on our easy-to-understand topics like bites and stings, injuries, terrain hazards, and illnesses. You’ll be guided through assessments and care protocols to help you make the best decision – even without cell service.

When you download GOES, your family has a trusted guide.  Wherever you go, we’ll be there too.

It's like having an outdoor medicine expert with you on every adventure


This is your basecamp. Stay one step ahead with precision weather forecasting, location specific health risks, and natural disaster alerts.


Information is power. Unlock extensive knowledge about animals, injuries, Illnesses, terrains, and natural disasters that will keep you exploring with confidence.


Intuitive, clear how-to guides help you control those out of control moments.

24/7 Wilderness Medicine Experts

The premium GOES+ subscription connects you with our team of wilderness medicine experts for immediate information, available 24/7 via call or chat.

*Satellite phone, cell reception and data or wifi access required.

With GOES, you have peace of mind
in the palm of your hand

Medicine Library 


Access to world-class
wilderness medicine experts