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Even small burns can be painful and debilitating, while larger burns may cause severe pain and predispose to complications such as infection, dehydration, and scars….

Chest Pain

Chest pain can either represent a mild condition or a potentially life-threatening situation. It can be challenging to differentiate potential causes in an outdoor setting….


Safety is a critical concern for any activity around water, especially when children are involved. It can take less than 60 seconds for an adult…

Evacuation and Emergency Rescue

It’s never easy to end a trip early, and the decision is complicated by many factors. You have probably spent time and money planning and…

Make outdoor health decisions

Making decisions when an incident happens in the outdoors can be challenging. Even when you take your first aid training every year, you might not remember the specifics in the heat of the moment.


“I have a whole text book for first aid but I don’t have the training to make the best possible decision in every single situation”

Lucca, 33


“If you have first aid training, the first step is to decide whether you need to evacuate or not”

Sarah, 28

Even when you are off the grid


Offline Protocols

The G.O.E.S. health assessment enables you to make the right decisions when encountering challenging outdoor health situations.

The G.O.E.S. algorithms have been developed by leading wilderness medicine doctors from around the world.


Do you have shortness of breath walking short distances, and / or and have to catch your breath doing simple tasks?


Do you have a mild to moderate headache?


Specialist advice when you need it

GOES outdoor health specialist
GOES outdoor health specialist

24/7 Outdoor Medical Support

With G.O.E.S. Plus you have 24/7 access to outdoor health specialists to support you in case of any medical incident in the outdoors.

Even after you get back home you can still get in touch with our team of doctors to get the advice you need.

I slipped and my knee is swollen.
Is it safe for me to continue my adventure?


GOES helps you take your adventure to new heights.