Global Outdoor Emergency Support

Global Outdoor
Emergency Support

Download the GOES Health App: Medical guide and 24/7 emergency support for your next outdoor adventure

Global Outdoor Emergency Support

Download the GOES Health App: Medical guide and 24/7 emergency support for your next outdoor adventure

Wherever you go, GOES goes

Global Outdoor Emergency Support (GOES) will make your next outdoor activity and adventure safer. Medical expertise for planning and preparation, support and direction. On or off the grid, prevention or emergency, GOES goes with you.


Whether you are a hard-core mountaineer or a family with young hikers, the GOES Health App makes it easy to plan your next outdoor activity or adventure. Wherever you go, the interactive smartphone app helps you assess a situation and know what to do in case of a medical emergency—wherever you are. Be prepared and have a safer, more enjoyable outdoor adventure with offline tools and 24/7 live medical support.

GOES Health App: Plan and Prepare

Plan and Prepare

Start your next adventure
with confidence

Planning for an outdoor activity is challenging. There is a confusing web of knowledge online, in books, blogs, and travel guides, but how do you navigate it all? Created by fellowship-trained wilderness medicine experts, GOES provides evidence-based recommendations and up-to-date knowledge when you need it most, all intuitively organized by activity and problem.

GOES Health App: Plan and Prepare

Make the right decisions so an outdoor situation doesn’t turn into a medical emergency—even when you are off the grid


Do you have shortness of breath walking short distances, and / or and have to catch your breath doing simple tasks?


Do you have a mild to moderate headache?


GOES Health App: Assess and Decide

Assess and Decide

Making emergency decisions in the outdoors is challenging, even if you have proper training. The GOES Health App helps you make critical decisions during an outdoor situation — even when you are off the grid.


“I have a whole text book for first aid but I don’t have the training to make the best possible decision in every single situation”

Lucca, 33


“If you have first aid training, the first step is to decide whether you need to evacuate or not”

Sarah, 28

Specialist advice when you need it most

GOES Health App: 24/7 Emergency Support

24/7 Live Support

What do I need to watch for? Can I continue my adventure? Do I need to evacuate? Do I need to go to the emergency department? These are some of the most difficult questions to answer during your outdoor activities. 911 or search and rescue services cannot always provide the advice you need.

With the GOES Health App, you have 24/7 access to wilderness medicine experts in case of a medical emergency. Text, call, or send images to answer your questions, whenever and wherever you need it.

Even when you get back home, you can still get in touch with our specialists to get the advice you need.

I slipped and my knee is swollen.
Is it safe for me to continue my adventure?


GOES Health App: 24/7 Emergency Support

The GOES Health App uses technology to shape the future of outdoor medicine

Imagine preparing for outdoor activities with comprehensive access to the science of outdoor medicine, all intuitively organized and tailored to you and your family’s individual requirements.

Imagine going on your next adventure with an interactive tool in the palm of your hand that helps you make smart decisions to stay safe.

It’s easy to get caught unaware and find yourself in a situation that could turn into an emergency. These situations can put an end to your adventure—or even put you in the hospital. GOES helps you prepare with confidence and make smart decisions all along the way.

GOES helps you take your adventure to new heights.

GOES Health App: Activity-Based Outdoor Health Guide

GOES helps you take your adventure to new heights.