Set up an employee benefit program today and work towards building a healthier and happier workplace.

Studies have shown that being outside is correlated with improved health benefits.

Imagine having a more focused, stress-free, and productive team. GOES can help you get there.

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Develop team synergy​

Manage the safety of your team in a state of new normal

We spend an annual of $820 billion in the U.S. on healthcare costs associated with climate change. Learn how to prepare for the unpredictable and help your team know what to do during emergencies and extreme weather events.

GOES provides natural disasters alerts accompanied with outdoor safety and prevention tips for wildfires, snow storms, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes.

When power lines are down and help is out of reach, GOES is still there.

Boost wellness,
reduce burn out and sick days

Stress plays a major role in the number of sick days people take annually.

Research has shown proximity to trees and forests is associated with decreased cortisol, reduced stress levels, and improved cognitive functions.

But what’s stopping people from going outside to get that nature boost? Inexperience, fear of the unknown, and cost of emergency care, to name a few.

With GOES in your pocket, barriers to the outdoors are broken down. When you provide the gift of peace of mind, your employees will feel encouraged and equipped to take that step outside and get the wellness they need.