Top three tips for safe camping

“Camping, backpacking, fastpacking, thru-hiking, boondocking, roughing it, glamping…” There are so many terms to describe the different ways we sleep outdoors. Everyone has a different style, favorite location, essential gear, and reason for camping out. Camping has almost doubled over the past two years, accounting for more than 40% of all leisure trips. Almost 94…

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Mental health in the great outdoors

“Go outside and get some fresh air!” How often have you heard these words over the years? Whether in admonishment, suggestion, or excitement the truth of this statement resonates. We all know the outdoors offers exercise, relaxation, and often a sense of elation. While the physical benefits are self-evident, the mental health and psychological positive…

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How technology can keep us safe outdoors

Have you seen this Apple Watch commercial? My first response to this was an out loud, “that’s awesome!” As a wilderness medicine trained emergency medicine doctor, I love the idea of an automated system being able to bridge the gap between a backcountry accident and calling 911 to get the injured person to definitive medical…

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