Survival Stories: Real Life Heroes at Death Valley’s Darwin Falls

By Adam Roeske | June 6, 2022

It’s 102 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley. You and your hiking partner are heading down to Darwin Falls, a lush oasis in the scorching desert. Five minutes into the 1.5-mile hike down, two hikers run up from the trail shouting to call 911. They tell you a woman has fallen on the trail and is bleeding…

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Top three tips for safe camping

By Dr. Grant Lipman | May 26, 2022

“Camping, backpacking, fastpacking, thru-hiking, boondocking, roughing it, glamping…” There are so many terms to describe the different ways we sleep outdoors. Everyone has a different style, favorite location, essential gear, and reason for camping out. Camping has almost doubled over the past two years, accounting for more than 40% of all leisure trips. Almost 94…

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Mental health in the great outdoors

By Dr. Grant Lipman | February 18, 2022

“Go outside and get some fresh air!” How often have you heard these words over the years? Whether in admonishment, suggestion, or excitement the truth of this statement resonates. We all know the outdoors offers exercise, relaxation, and often a sense of elation. While the physical benefits are self-evident, the mental health and psychological positive…

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How technology can keep us safe outdoors

By Dr. Grant Lipman | February 1, 2022

Have you seen this Apple Watch commercial? My first response to this was an out loud, “that’s awesome!” As a wilderness medicine trained emergency medicine doctor, I love the idea of an automated system being able to bridge the gap between a backcountry accident and calling 911 to get the injured person to definitive medical…

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Stay safe during your next outdoor winter adventure

By The GOES Team | December 7, 2021

For those who are willing to brave the ice and snow, winter weather opens up a whole new world. Whether you are hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sledding, skating, or hunting, an outdoor winter adventure can unlock incredible beauty, freedom, and fun. Before you strap on your boots, it’s important to remember that winter weather comes…

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Meet Uncharted Supply Co.

By The GOES Team | September 3, 2021

As National Preparedness Month kicks off, we’re excited to announce a new partnership between GOES and Uncharted Supply Co., the leader in survival systems, first aid kits, apparel, and other high quality outdoor gear. “We created GOES to increase the public’s access to the great outdoors by giving them the knowledge, wisdom and confidence needed…

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How to build a first aid kit

By Dr. Grant Lipman | September 1, 2021

“What do I put in my first aid kit?” This is the single most common question I get asked about wilderness medicine. September is National Preparedness Month, and recent flash floods, hurricanes, heat waves, and destructive forest fires have all shown us the importance of being prepared for disasters and emergencies. This is super important…

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How to Empower Kids in the Outdoors

By The GOES Team | August 30, 2021

This podcast episode was originally published on Private Medical. Private Medical Silicon Valley-based pediatrician Dr. Kellen Glinder is joined by Dr. Grant Lipman, a Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University and co-founder of the GOES Health App (Global Outdoor Emergency Support). From hiking to camping, skiing to sailing, they explore how to get…

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How dangerous are snakebites and how do I avoid them?

By Dr. Grant Lipman | August 16, 2021

Is there any sound in nature that strikes more fear in your primeval brain than the dry clacking rattle of a rattlesnake? This sound triggers a rush of adrenaline and evokes a body and mind struggle between my reactionary desire to run versus my academic brain that calmly instructs me to stop, look, and see…

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Myths, tips, and tricks for heat illness

By Dr. Grant Lipman | July 28, 2021

My first experience with the power of heat illness was in the “Flaming Mountains” of the Gobi Desert. It is the second-lowest elevation on earth, second only to Death Valley. While I was there, I provided medical care for an ultramarathon and acted as the “camel” who carried water for distressed runners. I traversed the…

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