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About GOES

“Getting outside to wild places inspires me personally. It brings me joy, and it brings me peace. I want to unlock that same experience for others.” – Dr. Grant Lipman

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Our Origin Story

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GOES was created by Dr. Grant Lipman, an emergency-medicine physician and former director of the Wilderness Medicine Fellowship at Stanford University’s School of Medicine. Dr. Lipman brings his experience as an expedition doctor and ultra-marathon medical director to GOES, so adventurers can push themselves further with the knowledge and resources they need to be prepared for any wilderness medical situation.

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The platform supports users before, during and after their trip

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Plan and Prepare

GOES provides evidence-based recommendations and up-to-date knowledge when you need it most, all intuitively organized by activity and problem.

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Assess and Decide

The GOES interactive health assessment tool enables you to make critical decisions during an outdoor situation — even when you are off the grid.

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24/7 Live Support

With GOES, you have 24/7 access to wilderness medicine MDs to support you in case of a medical emergency. Text, call, or send images to answer your questions.

Inspiration for GOES


In 2019, Dr. Lipman received a call from an individual who had been bitten by a large rattlesnake.

The hiker was admitted to his local emergency department and was discharged, but his symptoms continued to get worse. He researched snakebites online, found Dr. Lipman’s information, and called him. Dr. Lipman was able to provide precision medical care for a very unusual presentation of severe recurrent envenomation, which was slowly but surely destroying the hiker’s healthy tissue and blood cells. Dr Lipman’s intervention saved the hiker’s leg.

Dr. Lipman began thinking about how to make specialized wilderness medicine knowledge inclusive and accessible to everyone.

In 2021, we brought the best talent in wilderness medicine, healthcare technology and design to accomplish an ambitious goal: to bring the knowledge of the world’s foremost experts into your hands so that you can prepare for, and explore the outdoors safely, especially for when you’re off the grid.

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Meet the medical team

EM Residency Chiefs Group at Goldblatt Pavillion on August 15, 2019. (Photo by Joe Sterbenc)

GOES’ resources and live support are provided by the world’s foremost panel of emergency room physicians that have completed a fellowship in wilderness medicine from the premier academic medical centers.