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Our story begins with a snakebite

In 2019, Dr. Grant Lipman received a call from a distressed hiker who had been bitten by a large rattlesnake. 

The hiker had received anti-venom at a local hospital, but his symptoms had worsened. While searching for answers on the internet, he found Dr. Lipman, a professor at Stanford Emergency Medicine and director of its wilderness medicine fellowship. Dr. Lipman is one of the foremost leaders in wilderness medicine and has published numerous scientific research articles with extensive expedition medicine experience, and has been teaching wilderness medicine for 20 years. 

He discovered that the rare severe delayed envenomation was destroying the hiker’s healthy tissue and blood cells and was able to direct care and save the hiker’s leg. This experience, along with decades of requests for wilderness medical help from all over the world, prompted Dr. Lipman to ask: “How can we make wilderness medicine more accessible?

The call to action brought together a team of wilderness medicine doctors, engineers, designers, and healthcare technologists to revolutionize outdoor health.

why goes?

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In your pocket, you get access to the best medical professionals in the field. Our doctors are well-experienced in providing specialized care for outdoor settings.

Through our offline tools, we deliver credible and relevant information to equip people with the foundation they need to explore the outdoors with confidence and peace of mind.

Our app uses a simple and clean design to help you access life-saving information in a user-friendly way. Anyone can get the support they need to feel better prepared, navigate new situations, and connect with our team of exceptional doctors at any time.


Meet our Medical Team

GOES’ wilderness medical knowledge and support is best in class because it’s backed by the foremost panel of emergency room physicians. Our doctors have completed their fellowship in wilderness medicine from some of the top medical programs in the country.